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Welcome to Holy Innocents School

We are thrilled that you considering us for your child's education. Our faculty is dedicated to providing academic excellence and creating a nurturing environment where every child can thrive and reach their full potential.


At Holy Innocents School, we strongly believe in creating a positive and supportive learning environment for all our students. We acknowledge the right of parents/guardians to be responsible for their children – to guide and encourage them so they will conduct themselves in a respectful and appropriate manner at school.  We believe each student’s potential is best realized within a supportive and positive learning environment.

The Philosophy of Holy Innocents School

A God Oriented Catholic Education of Academic Excellence


Holy Innocents is a Catholic character-building school whose sole purpose is to develop children of the highest character, and to teach them that he is on this earth for one reason: 

The Salvation of his soul.  We wish to impress upon the child – you are born but to live, you live but to die, the only thing that matters is the state of your soul when you breathe your last. 


We shall teach the student to be in the world but not of the world, thus enabling him to keep before his mind his final destiny.  That the true love of neighbor is the desire to help save his soul – through love, example and prayer.

Holy Innocents enrolls grades Kindergarten - 12th


Kindergarten to Grade 3

Grade 4 to Grade 6

Grade 7 to Grade 10

Grade 11 to Grade 12

Mission Statement by Holy Innocents School Founders


This purpose is accomplished in accordance with the following principles and procedures:

The sanctification of souls through spiritual direction;

The guiding and directing of souls to spiritual perfection….

  • By instilling in each child love of God, love of family and love of country,

  • By teaching that obedience leads to humility and humility leads to virtues,

  • By requiring strict obedience to rules, regulations, and laws,

  • By developing in each child a sense of responsibility and respect for others,

  • By teaching the child to desire the union of his will with the Will of God,

  • And extending the Reign of Jesus to the child’s soul through the Blessed Virgin Mary, by means of the daily recitation of the Rosary, and the Angelus.

The academic training is superior, given humbly, thus enabling the child to survive spiritually in a materialistic, atheistic, egotistic world.  Everything done for the greater honor and glory of God!


Founders: Robert (RIP) & Bernice(RIP) Sis – 1968


What People Say

Heading (6)_edited.png

I am a proud graduate of Holy Innocents school.  I graduated top of my class and was an honor student for the 6 years.  Holy Innocents School gave me a well rounded education that I has allowed me to go on to achieve my goals!  I will always remember HIS for the memories, teachers, classmates, and the Catholic Education I received.

Theresa M.- 2013 Graduate

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I am a past alumni and now staff member of Holy Innocents School.  I love working with my students and continue the great learning that I received as a student.  I love to help my students achieve their goals!

J. Sis – 1986 Graduate

Heading (6)_edited.png

HIS is a Catholic character building school.   I learned business management and many great skills that have helped me to start and run my own landscaping company.

Gregory C. – 2021 Graduate

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